The Sonia Matthews Foundation’s main mission is to serve the community and contribute to the betterment of all, including kids, from all ages, and young and old adults. Our goal is to provide opportunity to partake in the various programs and activities, (sports, cosmetology, fitness centers, computer labs and more), some programs will be seasonal others will be year-round. Our goal is to offer safe and productive outlets for the community than those that are currently offered daily!

Partnered with multiple communities The Sonia Matthews Foundation, prides itself in fostering fun activities with personal character-building life skills, such as teamwork, leadership and compromise. The foundation not only wants to provide leisure but also guidance, steering youth in a positive direction, partnering with residents and ushering in possible ideas and strategies towards a safer and more productive environment. In conjunction with The New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) and the New York Police Department (NYPD), we believe our vision can come into fruition to as many housing developments throughout New York, and eventually the entire Country and Over Seas.


Our staff will not only be equipped with the tools to help in the development of the participants but will also be familiar faces, as some will be residents of the community. This will give both, the participants and instructors, a sense of comradery and clearly exhibits the goal of the Foundation of “Helping Us, Help Us”.


Our programs will cover a span of activities during various times of the year. Many of the sports events will be organized and scheduled, assuring that all teams get to play another culminating to a championship game, with trophies and an awards ceremony. Some sports programs will also extend to weekend play if funding is available. Health living/fitness programs will be scheduled for 1-hour sessions per activity per instructor, providing water and a suitable fitness environment. For our music programs, access to equipment and accessibility to music studios will be an integral component of the program.


Basketball, Flag Football, Softball and Boxing

Visual Art

Videography/Photography – participants will learn the logistics as well as in depth ways on how to use equipment and how to put a project together from begging to final edit. Participants will be assigned to capture moments in and outside our programs


Participants will have a chance to express themselves through rhythm and rhyme. Events to showcase their talents will be planned and they will also learn the business side of music. Partnering with the Videography/Photography program, they will create cover art and with the Information Technology program participants learn how to market and brand themselves.   

Computer Lab

Geared to assist participants in completing their education and /or forwarding it. Supply computers and internet accessibility to those who otherwise would not be able to. Teach the participants software programs that will be expand their knowledge.  


Not only is dance great workout for the mind and body. It’s also a great way to connect with others. Participants will learn dances from around the world and incorporate them into an end of year showcase. Also, they will have the opportunity to collaborate with other programs. Dance is a great way for the members to stay in shape and enjoy themselves and the tournaments and events will keep them busy as they battle and practice, dance team will be in music videos and sports events


Not many children get a chance to explore outside of their neighborhood. Even right here in New York, children don’t know that in their backyard is a world that many travels yearly to experience. By allowing participants to venture out, they will not only discover new places and people but landmarks and learn history.  Starting nationally and then growing internationally, our travel program will help connect members with a world beyond their imaginations. Through strong partnerships and donors these efforts can be achieved.


Our cosmetology program will also be lesson/class based. Classes will be scheduled accordingly by the instructor and attendance will be based on advance booking. Computer labs sessions will be available for those who would like to do homework, study, reports and/or online classes, especially critical for those who do not have access to a computer and the internet at home.

To integrate ourselvess into the community and to partner with other organizations and companies, fundraising and networking events will be held for staff and volunteers to attend. These events will not only acquaint others with our efforts but also will positively promote and enhance our efforts to others. This will provide a strong network for change in the community. The events will serve food, the locations and times will coordinate with the season in which the event is held. The locations will primarily be within the vicinity of the community.  The events calendar will be ever present on our social media pages and videos and pictures, with permission; all will be uploaded and used for future marketing and solicitations.