I remember I was scared to meet her and ya, the first time I came out there to see her face to face leelee was only a few months old, she welcomed me, gave me a hug, offered me food and said I’m family forever! I know you want a short story and that’s hard to do with sooo many good memories. I always called her ma instead of ms. sonya because she has always treated me like her own as she did everyone she will forever and always be missed by any and everyone who knew her, me and her would always danced an talked our shit to people she will always and forever live on with her good soul and spirit a beautiful person inside and out shit ma had it going on pretty face nice shape long pretty hair dressed nice beautiful children and grands an great grands and i could go on so many laughs and her beautiful smile love you always and forever your other from another R.I.P :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:She always treated me as such.


This lady was someone you can count on. Sick , Angry, Happy ! She will never tell you wrong. My grandma was so perfect to me. Her Smile , Hugs , Cooking
Everything was AMAZING ! She left behind a strong tribe !!!! I miss my old lady !

My Mother was the person that people didn’t need to be told she was somewhere everyone knew because of the way she carried herself, I’ve meet friends of hers after she passed away that I was told stories about giving her Family their Condolences and offering any assistance if needed I wish I can give as much Love and lessons to my kids and there’s as she has given me Mommy was a loving caring person she kept the most beautiful smile on her face even though she was hurting inside she kept us on our toes never sugar coated anything family gatherings home cooked meals she did it all she was the most beautiful person inside and out we love you mommy

My grandmother was really a family person. Every Sunday and every holiday she wanted her whole tribe with her. The love she had for everyone was amazing and the love she received was beyond words. She was perfect in my eyes and she taught me how much family really means.

Grandma was a joyful, loving, and a funny person to be around. Although she was a nice person she didn’t mind telling you when you were wrong in her eyes. She was the type of woman who wanted all her kids and grandkids around as much as possible. My grandmother was special to all of us and everyone who had the chance to be around her. Any story about her would be disrespectful if you don’t talk about her cooking. That food really used to hit different

Sonia Matthews was a loving person. She was a big part of my life and my kids’ lives. Sonia was my other mother and I was able to talk to her about everything that went on in my life. She never judged me or made me feel that she didn’t care. I have so many good memories of her from younger to as an adult. We always had fun when we were around her, she made sure of that. The family gatherings is not the same without her being there with her jokes and her happiness we miss her so much.

Mommy was a caring and lovely lady always kept a smile on my face really don’t know when she was mad she really never showed it she loves feeding people she love having her kids over for gatherings also her grandkids always show love to her grandkids gave them what she could afford she always cracking jokes she always talk to her kids about a lot of things and she damn sure told us to stick together we go through our ups and downs but we got this ma !